Maryland Lottery and Gaming operates voluntary exclusion programs for individuals who wish to ban themselves from Maryland casinos, the Maryland Lottery, instant bingo halls, sports wagering, or daily fantasy sports. If an individual opts for casino voluntary exclusion, they will be voluntarily excluded from entering any Maryland casino, as well as cashing checks and using credit cards. The individual will also be taken off of all casino direct marketing mailing lists within 45 days of the voluntary exclusion.

If an individual opts for lottery voluntary exclusion, they ban themselves from receiving Lottery prizes or any direct mail/email promotional materials. The individual is also banned from second chance drawings and reward programs.

Things to know about voluntary exclusion:

  • Placement on the voluntary exclusion list is completely voluntary and your name cannot be added to the list by anyone but yourself.
  • You must complete the form and submit it in person at Maryland Lottery and Gaming Headquarters office in Baltimore by appointment only, or at any casino in the state.
  • You must present a government-issued photo ID for the application process. You may be required to wear a mask during the sign-up process.
  • You must not be under the influence of any alcohol or controlled substances during the application process, so you can make a sober and informed decision.
  • You can elect to be on the list for your lifetime or have the option for an at least two-year ban. After two years you must request removal from the list from the Gaming Commission in accordance with Code of Maryland Regulations If you meet the removal requirements, you will be considered for removal from the list. Maryland Lottery and Gaming makes the final decision as to whether or not to remove you from the voluntary exclusion program. You may contact the Gaming Commission at 410-230-8798 or for more information.

FAQ about Casino voluntary exclusion

FAQ about Lottery voluntary exclusion

FAQ about Voluntary Exclusion Program removal

For a list of Commission-regulated properties from which you would be excluded, click here.

To view a sample application click here, but you must complete the form and submit it in person at Maryland Lottery and Gaming Headquarters in Baltimore by appointment only, or at any Maryland casino.

To arrange an appointment to submit an application at Maryland Lottery and Gaming Headquarters, please call the Responsible Gambling Program Coordinator at Maryland Lottery and Gaming at 410-230-8798. Applications may be completed in person at a Maryland casino anytime during casino operation hours.

If you are already on the self-exclusion list and have questions about obtaining win/loss statements, removal information, joining an additional exclusion list, or other matters, please contact the Responsible Gaming Director at 410-230-8798 or