To help a problem gambler, you must also help yourself. This means protecting yourself and your family as much as possible from the negative consequences problem gamblers will often bring on themselves.  The more you are able to do this, the more effectively you will be able to bring about positive change.

  • Keep track of all money that is spent and owed.
  • Organize direct debits for bills, mortgages and regular debits.
  • Limit access to cash.
  • Consider safeguarding bank accounts and other assets so that the gambler cannot access them. If possible, only give them access to money for daily necessities until the situation improves.
  • Check the mail.
  • Don’t sign anything you don’t understand or aren’t prepared to pay for.
  • Do not rescue the gambler by paying off debts. This will only enable the person to continue their behavior.
  • Seek professional help for financial advice, counseling and support.